Infrovate provides robust Toll Management to suit the business needs of our customers. With a home-grown TMS – the features offered include

  • Manual Toll Collection
  • Semi-Automatic Toll Collection
  • Fully Automatic Toll Collection
  • Weight Based Toll Collection

  • Infrovate has a home-grown Toll Management System (TMS) built merging international best practices with ground realities with a commitment to provide a high level of usability and speed – two aspects essential to the toll industry.

    Common features from our TMS are

    • A futuristic software architecture that optimizes performance, eases enhancements and lowers license costs leveraging latest technologies present today
    • Ability to automatically classify vehicles (pre or post)
    • Continuous and indexed transaction surveillance to minimize pilferage and maximize control at remote toll plazas
    • Innovative hardware components that provide a new level of robustness enhancing life of our TMS at the plazas
    • Complete control-centre based monitoring and connectivity that allows optimal control over systems deployed and ease of enhancement rollout
    • Weight based fully integrated toll collection that ensures longer life of roads
    • A variety of smart cards, pre & post paid options, NFC and mobility based payment options that are the future of toll plazas
    • Customized reporting to manage system and operations performance leading to enhanced data analytics

    Built to Service, Adopted to Reality

    Infrovate has adapted to the challenging environment of plazas – thereby designing hardware that focusses on (i) Power Savings (ii) Resistant to tamper (iii) Long Life (iv) Reduced size (iv) Optimized processing capability (v) Promoting local businesses and economies

    These features make the Infrovate solution the most innovative and professionally serviced solutions around. We provide a guarantee of service that is unparalleled in the industry – mainly with a view to put the customer first – always!