What is a Smart City?

There are various definitions of Smart Cities today. In our view - a smart city is designed with various civil features that are backed by digital technologies to enhance performance and well-being, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.

Some key 'smart' sectors in smart cities include

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Health care
  • Water
  • Waste Management
  • With the Government announcing the launch of 100 Smart Cities, we are ready for the challenge ahead. Infrovate is working with various large infrastructure companies to facilitate the transition of cities to smart cities.

    Some of the technologies that are essential for a Smart city are:

  • Sensor Based Services
  • Security Management
  • Traffic Control and its Management
  • Parking and Access
  • City Guides
  • Dynamic Info-Kiosks
  • Emergency and Crisis response systems
  • Integration of Smart City Technologies

    Infrovate has a novel integrated strategy for large-scale service-oriented infrastructure systems. This is because Infrovate clearly recognizes the need to focus on its niche offering which shall be integrated with multiple platforms and technologies to provide a complete solution for the emerging smart cities.

    Infrovate has leveraged its strengths in sensors and platforms to provide solutions that will be useful for smart cities. The key areas impacted shall be a new economic structure, digital and online transactions, climate considerations, natural resources. The integration of our technologies shall lead to servicing various city functions.