A pioneer in RFID technology. Infrovate is a leading provider of RFID technology in India. The company provides all key components manufactured through a patented manufacturing process that has withstood the test of time for over 35 mn vehicles globally. Our focus is to provide secure and high-end RFID products carefully crafted jointly with our customers.

Our products are used extensively in

  • Toll plazas – for Electronic Toll Collection
  • Parking Management
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration
  • Tracking and Access Control
  • High Security Establishments
  • Special features of our RFID offering include

  • Securely embedded technology
  • Electronic authentication of the status, identity and genuineness of data
  • Provide error-free, wireless data transmissions that are both battery-free and maintenance-free
  • Working effectively in harsh and diverse conditions
  • Innovative Dual Frequency Technology on our products
  • Use in Transportation, Infrastructure – Roads, Rail, Air and Ports sectors
  • Benefits of leveraging our RFID technology:

  • High Security offering – built on the most stringent global project needs
  • Tamper proof – tested on millions of installations
  • Environmental control – cleaner air and a better environment
  • Improved, effective and proven flow at installations
  • Realistic to RFID technology needs and limitations
  • Tracking people, items and equipment in real-time

  • The RFID offering from Infrovate is built around the ability to leverage our exclusive partnerships and add an experience around it. The challenges of last-minute procurement, client expectations, RFID technology requirements are carefully understood and a product is designed to provide services and solutions that will cater to our client needs but with a careful understanding of the options being selected.