The Infrovate solution on advanced Highway Traffic Management provides for safety and security of road commute and usage in India. It benefits the road users by providing access to various services as well as the concessionaire who is able to track their highways better

Key features of our HTMS/ATMS solutions

  • Variable Message Signboards
  • CCTV Cameras and Surveillance
  • Optical Fibre Cable and Wireless Communication
  • HTMS Control Centre
  • Emergency Call Boxes – SIM and OFC based
  • Weather Management and Control
  • Mobility Control Solutions
  • Infrovate recognizes the diverse needs of concessionaires in the HTMS implementations across the spectrum. As such – we have developed 3 variants of the solutions catering to

    1.High End HTMS
    2.Basic HTMS

    Our high end product uses best-in-class and robust products implemented for long term benefits on roads thereby delivering a better ROI to the customer even though initial investments are high. Focus is also on usability, ergonomics, lower TCO while deploying. Our basic product offering caters to urgent and quick needs of customers who would want to deploy a basic system to meet short term needs. This installation is quicker and is economically viable in the short term.

    Our partnerships with various OEMs and service providers allow us to engage experts at the best price while providing our innovative touch on the offering through our expertise and experience.