Infrovate provides the most innovative and reliable Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) setup in the industry today. The solution is built on the basis of high speed, high volume, tamper resistant technologies that are built with a view to completely automate the operation at the plazas.

Key benefits of our ETC solutions

  • High Speed fully automated transaction processing
  • Reduction in manpower due to optimal operations enablement
  • Focus on data security and data analytics
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Reduced pollution and fuel wastage at plazas
  • Easy to maintain with minimal intervention
  • Free support on all our installations – a guarantee of our offering
    • Proven on some of the most prestigious and challenging plazas for the past 4 years

    Infrovate provides various options for implementation of ETC solutions suited to various customer needs. These include

    1.Dedicated ETC
    2.Mixed Mode ETC

    Our capability to consult on plaza locations and provide the best suited solutions has enabled our growth in this segment as a market leader. Quality is our prime focus area and while we are technology agnostic, we do recommend our clients to use well supported, well tested and reliable solutions that provide predictability in operations.

  • ISO 18000 6C RFID Tags
  • Fixed Readers – Integrated Antennas
  • Stop and Go Variant
  • High Power High Speed Variant
  • Fixed Readers with Independent Antennas
  • Wireless Handheld Readers
  • LMR and Data Cables
  • In-house design of Nema Enclosures adaptable to various IP ratings
  • Power Supply & Cables
  • Built on Trust

    Infrovate is a market leader in ETC through our robust partnerships, flexible OEM relationships, direct support mechanism on implementations and with a view to built solutions that are forward looking.