Infrovate provides Control Centre Setup and Services to meet the growing demands of monitoring remote sites and operations. This setup comprises of video walls, monitors, displays that show case the progress through reports AND live feeds through CCTV based monitoring.

The basic solution offering includes

  • Data and Video Monitoring
  • Real-Time and T+1 data availability
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud based hosting or Dedicated server (based on requirement)
  • Mobile Control Centre App
  • Web based system for control centre management
  • Pre-defined reports and analytics
  • For road projects, this is a perfect tool to manage the remote sites while allowing for analytics to take place at the HQ level. Control Centres have also been setup by us for ATCC Surveys where reports from various locations all over the country are uploaded through a tool developed by us and supported in-house. The data is loaded in pre-defined formats and confirmed uploads are completed. This data can then be viewed through various reports available in the system interfaces provided to the client.

    Some of the key features of our Control Centres are

  • Easy to Deploy
  • Variety of Options for Equipment
  • End to End Services included setup, monitoring and maintenance
  • Vast network of partners who can support our services
  • Technology Agnostic Offering to allow customer choices
  • Consulting Services to recommend Centre setup through experienced professionals
  • Infrovate’s Control Centre offering can be pre-designed implementation based OR custom built. The Control Centre can also include traffic analysts, system engineers or managers.